C9: Residents blame flooding on Denham Springs business

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - When it rains, some residents who live near a business in Denham Springs brace for the worst. They are not pointing the finger at Mother Nature.

Betty James takes pride in her yard. She's got a small garden and enjoys feeding wild birds. But she said on rainy days her beautiful view is flooded. A lake forms around her house. She's got sandbags to keep the water out but she said it hasn't helped much.

"I'm tired of digging to try to divert the water," James said.

When it rains, the water pours off the roof of American Coachworks into James' yard.

"I have paid $300 to have someone come and put sand all the way down the trailer to keep the water from being in there. But the water still stands under there and it's going to eventually do my floors in," James said.

Her neighbor, Dennis May said he is having the same problem.

"The floors are rotting. The house has settled and my porch and house are separating, and I'm also getting mold in my house," May said.

James can't comprehend why the business owner, John Spinks, hasn't installed gutters to keep the water on his own property.

"Why is it that I have to run his water out of my yard? I don't understand," James said.

Spinks said he hasn't changed anything on his property since the early 1980s and he doesn't plan to. He said installing gutters on his building would only make matters worse for him. But he is, however, willing to go the extra mile to help his neighbors.

"I offered to take a small track hoe back there and dig a ditch past the dirt that she added so it would drain to the front ditch like all the rest of the lots do," Spinks said.

Spinks said he plans to get to work as soon as the sun comes out and the water recedes.

James said she is only interested in hearing about improvements to Spinks' property, not hers.

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