Ceremony held to remember kamikaze attack on USS Kidd

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Thursday was the 68rd anniversary of the day the U.S.S. Kidd was attacked by Japanese forces that killed 38 crew members.

"We called her 'Our Beautiful Lady' because she was so good to us as our home. So we were very happy for the fact that the ship is her, and that the people here love," said William T. Barnhouse who survived that attack nearly seven decades ago.

To remember the exact moment the ship was hit back on April 11, 1945, U.S.S. Kidd museum staff read off the names of each ship crew member that was killed. Barnhouse says he's happy that day is commemorated each year, and the legacy of his shipmates is living on.

"We tend to think of them as some other time and world and forget that they had the same thoughts and feelings...likes and dislikes that we do," said Barnhouse.

Barnhouse and several of his surviving Kidd shipmates came from other states for this year's ceremony.

Kidd executive director Maury Drummond says next's celebration will be even better for everyone. He says it will be out on the deck of the ship rain or shine.

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