Senator proposes ban on social media while driving

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Could the law be changing once again with regards to using a mobile device while driving? It will if one local senator gets his way.

Currently the state bans texting and driving, but this bill would open the umbrella.

Texting and driving will get you a ticket on any road in the state of Louisiana, but proving that can be a little tricky for police officer and law enforcement. Senator Dale Erdey wrote a bill that he hopes will eliminate the gray area.

Heavy traffic has come to be expected in Louisiana and many drivers say the scenario where your neighbors behind the wheel are texting and driving is also expected.

"The safety environment we would be placing others in, the danger that we would be placing others in," said Baton Rouge resident Daniel Torres.

Currently texting and driving is illegal in Louisiana, but commuters like Torres say he knows people are doing that and more. "Do you really need to update your Facebook status as you're driving? Or can you wait the 10, 15 minutes to wherever you're going to do that?" said Torres.

That is where Senator Dale Erdey (R ) of Livingston, LA comes into the equation.

"Under current law nothing states or talks about social networking," said Erdey.

Erdey's bill that would prohibit accessing any social media site while driving was introduced in the Senate's Transportation Committee and was quickly sent to the Senate floor without opposition.

A change he believes is needed because of feedback he's received from local law enforcement.

"They're trying to skirt the law by using that avenue of Facebook or Instagram or something of that nature to get out of texting prohibition. So here we are just trying to close that loop," said Erdey.

That is fine with Zachary resident Delbra Pointer who stands behind any measure that she says would make our roads safer.

"In that aspect I think that would just be something that would be beneficial not just for me, but to other people on the road as well," said Pointer.

The bill would ban using any device that could access these social media sites.

WAFB teamed up with Lexlee Overton for a campaign called W82 TXT (Wait to Text). It's a pledge we want all drivers to take, especially teenage drivers, to stop texting and driving. It's all for a great cause: saving lives.

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