Local DJ Says He Was Turned Away From Tigerland Bar

A Tigerland night club is accused of not letting in black patrons. A local disc jockey says the club known as "Reggie's" would not let him in, based, not on the color of his jeans, but the color of his skin. WAFB's Jim Shannon has the story.

Radio station max 94.1 plays an urban hip-hop format to their listeners. Part of Max 94.1's music director's job is to go into local clubs around town and find out what people are dancing to. Monday night Kool DJ Supamike of Max 94.1 FM says he tried to enter Reggie's bar in Tigerland, but was stopped at the door.

"I walked to the door, stood in line like everybody else saw people getting in the club dressed accordingly and dressed the way I thought I was dressed," said Kool DJ Supamike. "I got to the door and upon handing my ID over I was told that I can't get in because of my jean shorts."

The next day the radio station discussed the incident on the air with Morning Show Disc Jockey J-Tweezy. "We kinda talked about it the next morning, Tuesday morning and we opened it up on the radio and we started getting a barrage of calls from people who had gone through the same thing," said DJ J-Tweezy.

So on Tuesday night, 9 News sent our cameras over to Reggie's to see if there was any merit to these claims. In the video you clearly see white patrons having no problem getting in wearing shorts. While the sign reads, "no excessively baggy shorts and baseball caps must be worn with the bill forward," our cameras caught one patron leaving the bar holding a beer, cap backwards and in shorts.

"It did not sit well with me seeing as how people in front of me got in with shorts. I seen people in the club that also had shorts and people behind me that got in after I was turned away," says Kool DJ Supamike. "This whole issue of black and white and here we are we can listen to the same music but we can't party together. I don't know, it's trouble."

In a call to Reggie's we came in contact with person who identified himself as the manager. He said that Reggie's enforces their rules uniformly and equally. Tuesday night J-Tweezy and Kool DJ Supamike were allowed into Reggie's. However, DJ J-Tweezy says he plans on keeping the topic alive on his morning radio show in hopes of keeping attention focused on what he terms a problem.