Argument at man's birthday party between two women leads to shooting

Brittany Washington (Source: Baker Police Department)
Brittany Washington (Source: Baker Police Department)

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - Authorities said a woman went to a neighbor's home to wish a man happy birthday Monday night and ended up shooting the woman who lives there after being threatened.

The Baker Police Department said Brittany Washington, 29, shot Tricia Hayes, 28, in the leg around 9 p.m. Hayes is expected to survive. The women live right down the road from one another on Azalea Drive in Baker, LA.

Police said when Washington arrived at the home to wish the unidentified man happy birthday, Hayes told her she was not welcome and needed to leave.

Investigators reported Washington and her children left the home, but Hayes followed her. They added Hayes was screaming and making threats.

According to police, Washington pulled a gun from her car, waived it around and challenged her to make good on her threats. Authorities reported a shot was fired and Hayes was hit in her lower right leg.

Hayes was taken to Lane Memorial Hospital. Investigators said doctors confirmed the bullet shattered her leg, which will require surgery, but she should live.

Washington was charged with aggravated second-degree battery.

On a side note, Brittany Washington's birthday is Tuesday (April 9).

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