18 people apply to be BRPD chief

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The list of applicants vying to be the next police chief of Baton Rouge is complete. It contains 18 names. The deadline to apply expired Tuesday afternoon.

Many of the applicants already work within the Baton Rouge Police Department, including Carl Dabadie, Jr., the current interim chief.

Carl R. Dabadie Jr., 48, (Interim Chief) has been with BRPD 26 years, 11 months.

Christopher P. Hagan, 43, (Gonzales Police Department) was with Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office 16 years, 5 months. He has been with Gonzales PD since Nov. 2012.

Capt. James G. Drickamer, 63, (Capt. with BRPD) has been with BRPD 29 years, 8 months.

Bill D. Press, 60, (Police chief with Fairhope Police Dept. in Miami, FL) – held that position for 3 yrs, 4 months) He has 34 yrs, 4 months experience in law enforcement.

Capt. Noel J. Salamoni, 53, (Capt. with BRPD of Commander Special Operations) has been with BRPD 31 yrs, 4 months.

Sgt. Jonathan S. Dunnam, 44, (Sgt. with Internal Affairs since March 2000) has been with BRPD 22 yrs.

Cpl. Myron K. Daniels, 38 (SWAT Operator) has been with BRPD 14 yrs.

Lt. Todd Lee, 45, (Commander of Administrative Services) has been with BRPD 26 yrs.

Maj. Patricia A. Tauzin has been with BRPD 37 yrs.

Sgt. Bryan Taylor, 39, (trainer at the firearms pistol unit) has been with BRPD 17 yrs, 6 months.

Leo J. Lamotte, 63, (Deputy Constable with the BRPD Constable…been there since '06). He retired from BRPD in January 2004 as a lieutenant.

Lt. Carl Dunn, 50, has been with BRPD 29 years.

Sgt. Darryl Honre, 41, has been with BRPD 17 years.

Lt. Donald Kelly, 49, (Professional standards and media relations) has been with BRPD 27 years.

Sgt. Christopher Johnson, 51, (Detective major assaults) has been with BRPD 25 years.

Edward Roberts, 71, retired from BRPD in 2000.  Spent 5 years with EBRSO and 19 years with BRPD as a narcotics detective.

Isabelle Gilmore, 62, retired from BRPD in 1977.  Currently a teacher with Baker City Schools.

Sgt. Chad King, 42, has been with BRPD for 18 yrs (works in traffic division).

The names will go before the civil service board on April 18 for their consideration.

Finalists will take a chief's test on May 22.

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