Help Campus Crime Stoppers win a $25,000 grant

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Campus Crime Stoppers "Be The One" made it into the top 200 for the State Farm Neighborhood Assist project, and your votes could help the Baton Rouge program receive a $25,000 grant.

Only 40 causes will get a $25,000 grant, and your vote matters. Voting is open. Now is your chance to decide which causes will get the $25,000 grants! Cast up to 10 votes each day from April 4th through April 22nd.

Each cause is required to write how the $25,000 will help them. Here is what Campus Crime Stoppers "Be The One" wrote:

The Campus Crime Stoppers "Be the One" initiative gives students the reassurance that if they report information concerning a crime to Crime Stoppers, their identity will NEVER BE KNOWN. All anonymously, students can call 344-STOP, web-message, text-message, or use an anonymous computer software system to report criminal activity on school campuses seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This initiative consists of a comprehensive media campaign made up of radio spots, TV spots (students speaking to students about crime issues), billboards, on-site campus presentations, and handouts. The goal of the Campus Crime Stoppers "Be the One" initiative is to create a safer environment and prevent crime, violence, sexual assaults, alcohol/drug use and bullying. This initiative will increase student communication of the facts, generate student offered solutions to the problems, and reduce the number of severity of crime events on and around the campuses.

Remember you can cast up to 10 votes each day from April 4th through April 22nd, and get your friends to help because only the 40 causes with the most votes win, so share this on Facebook!

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