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Alcohol ban on Sarepta ballot


The ballot for the town of Sarepta has five proposals, and all five proposals deal with the banning of alcohol sales in the small town.

For years businesses in Sarepta have followed what they thought was a dry town law, and residents also believed the small had laws preventing the sale of alcoholic beverages.

"It was dry when I came here and I want to keep it dry," says A.D. Jones.

But Dollar General Representatives, brought it to the attention of town officials last year that the town was indeed "Wet," and alcohol could be sold within the town.

"When this came up, we found out we weren't, and we thought we were, so they were like oh, no we don't want this in our town," says Board of Alderman Peggy Adkins. Adkins says many of the residents in the town were shocked to find out Sarepta was a wet town.

Adkins started a petition to get these proposals on the ballot.

Residents will vote on whether beverages with high or low alcoholic percentage should be sold in stores or restaurants, and if residents should be able to buy and drink alcohol at a business. 

Some residents are against the idea keeping Sarepta wet.

"It causes too much crime," says Jackson.

"We don't need to encourage it, and make it so convenient for the kids," says Gwen Weems.

The proposal has caught the attention of nearly everyone in town, and town officials are expecting more voters than usual.

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