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New information about IHOP shooting

Nadia Williams (Nadia Williams' Facebook page) Nadia Williams (Nadia Williams' Facebook page)

19 Action News has uncovered new information about a deadly shooting at the IHOP pancake restaurant in Cleveland Heights.

Last Saturday, Nadia Williams died when police say a security guard's gun accidentally went off, and a bullet hit her in the head.

Now records just filed show the incident happened after the victim and her friends had been jumping on the guard and wrestling with him as he tried to get them out of the restaurant. It even continued outside where the shooting happened.

Cleveland Heights Police say, the guard pulled out his gun. Then, as he fell to the pavement, he was pulled backward and the gun went off.

Nadia Williams sister and two other women also in that group at the restaurant are being charged with involuntary manslaughter and more.

The charges come against them since police blame them for the fight with the guard that led to the deadly gunfire.  

Meantime, court records also show the group of women "continued to jump on and strike the guard" as he tried to get them to leave the restaurant.

Police say security video shows the women "actively fighting" the guard. And witnesses told police, one of the women threatened to go get her gun, "shoot some people", and "%$#@! everybody up."

The guard, Gary Williams, works as a court bailiff, and he is certified to carry a gun. But we're told he didn't have the court's ok to work security there.

No charges against him, at least not yet. The case is going to a grand jury.

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