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Protestors present legislators with "check"


The money is from federal dollars that would expand Medicaid for the state... It's what's referred to as Obama-care. And like Obama-care, Governor Bobby Jindal refused it, saying the program is too costly.

"We're all here today to ask if you will take the Medicaid expansion money," Protestor, Frances Kelley asks State Senator Gregg Tarver while holding an oversized check. The check is for 15.8 billion dollars. Kelley is with a group that opposes Jindal's stance on Obama-care, and particularly his refusal of the money.

"What it would do is cover individuals and married couples up to 138 percent of the poverty level who don't have health care," said Kelley.

The group found a friend in Tarver.  

"I support the healthcare act. Obama-care they call it," Tarver told the group.

According to the group, who was visiting 21 offices throughout the state, not all legislators were so welcoming.  

"I accept all money," Tarver said as he laughed.

While Jindal and others who oppose Obama-care say the program is too costly, the group points out that the federal government pays for it for the first three years, and after that, the states would only be responsible for 10 percent.

"That's the heroin that addicts you, and that is to say now you got to come up with 10 percent, which is a huge amount. And later that could go up," said U.S. Representative John Fleming, who supports Jindal's decision and has opposed Obama-care from the beginning.

The group believes Jindal's refusal of the money is political posturing. Fleming says the program will simply expand poverty across the entire country.  

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