Controversy between city leaders continues in Port Allen

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - The Port Allen committee meeting became a tense affair Wednesday when Fire Chief Rick Boudreaux updated the council about a new $29,000 truck his department was planning to add to its fleet.

"The truck has been on order since the first week of December," said Boudreaux

The truck, according to Boudreaux, was even delivered last month but he added the plan was dead in the water when Mayor Deedy Slaughter refused to sign the check earlier this week.

"I was left on the blind side and the contract was done without my knowledge," said Slaughter.

Slaughter says her transition to mayor did not include any briefing from the previous mayor about big budget items and says she was never told about the truck purchase ahead of time, leading to her decision not to sign the check.

"Sounds to me like a broken line of communication," said Councilwoman Ray Helen Lawrence.

The public in attendance offered their own input and then concerns about what happens to the Port Allen's future state contracts and its legal footing on this matter came into question.

"Let me say this the city of Port Allen entered into this contract and it is binding in its agreement," said Councilman Gary Hubble.

"I do fear it jeopardizes our ability to buy things on state contract," added Councilman Hugh Riviere.

Slaughter says she disagrees and insists that all she wants to do is her job.

"I love this city. I love the people and all I'm asking the people to do is to give me the chance and opportunity to do what the people of the city have elected me to do," said Slaughter.

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