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Contact 9: Woman paid $11,000 for house work that was never completed

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A woman in Carville says she paid $11,000 to Nikki D's Mobile Home Movers to have her house moved. She says after she paid the owner, Darrall Dukes, she never saw him again.

Sinda Craige says she even sued Dukes and won, but he's never paid up. This all happened back in 2009. Craige says she didn't know what else to do, so she Contacted 9.

There are places on Sinda Craige's house where new siding is needed, bees are swarming the back door and the roof needs to be replaced. But none of those things can be repaired, until Craige gets her house on the ground. Since 2009, her house has been on top of Darrall Dukes flatbed since 2009.

Craige says Dukes moved two mobile homes for her in the past, so when she needed to move her house asking him just seemed natural.

"He wanted $25,000 to move it six miles," she said. "That's too much."

Craige says Dukes eventually came down on the price and settled on $11,000, which she paid him. She says he did move the house, but not to where she asked and then he stopped taking her calls. Craige says she ended up paying someone else $4,000 to get the house onto her property in Carville, but she still can't use it until he takes it off his flatbed.

"I contacted him so many times, I'm just tired. He refuses to answer his telephone."

Craige sued Dukes in February of 2009 and won. A judge awarded her $25,000.

"He refuses to pay. Judge Dupont kept contacting him, he never got an answer," Craige said.

So, she says she then turned to the Louisiana Attorney General. In November of 2009, the attorney general received handwritten correspondence from Darrall Dukes. In the two and a half page letter he writes: "I was not informed of any court date. I didn't even know I was being sued.

Tuesday, 9News contacted Dukes and by phone he said he was aware of the lawsuit. He says he has not lost track of time, but a lot has been going on.

In his 2009 letter, Dukes ends it by writing: "I like to apologize to Mrs. Craig and I'm sorry of any incovience {sic} that I caused her."

Craige says it's been more than just a simple inconvenience. She's been forced to stay with her sister until her house is off Dukes flatbed.

"Darrall Dukes is thinking only how to get plenty money and get away," Craige said.

Dukes told us by phone he wants to go back and finish the job he started because Ms. Craige was a nice lady and he wants his flatbed back. Craige says she will let us know what happens.

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