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"Can of Corn" takes on new meaning for LSU

Jace Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' gives LSU baseball team a can of corn and special message. Jace Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' gives LSU baseball team a can of corn and special message.

For the second time in school history, the LSU Tigers are off to a 26-2 start, matching the start of the 1986 team. Moving forward with a solid team is inevitable, but one thing the players can control is the "can" they bring with them to each game.

If you're a baseball fan, you've heard the term "can of corn," but if you're an LSU baseball fan, this season's can of corn has a hidden secret.

"When we had Jace Robertson from Duck Dynasty throw out the first pitch, he gave us a speech and brought a can of corn," said senior Mason Katz. "He wanted to give us something to remember him by," added sophomore Chris Sciambra.

Robertson explained to the players the largest producing state of corn is Nebraska, where Omaha is located, and the best duck call really is corn, but it's illegal to use. So instead, he gave the magic ingredient to the Tigers and even wrote a message on the can.

"'Road to Omaha' with two exclamation points and he signed it," said senior Joey Bourgeois.  

The can of corn has made it to all but one game. It's become family for Bourgeois, even making a home in his locker.

"I told the guys I would be responsible for it because I kept up with the monkeys last season. I was responsible for that," Bourgeois added.

The corn has become this season's mascot. And, whether it's game day or just practice, the can has a different symbolic meaning to each player.

"We sure like to have it 'cause we know we are going to win whenever we have the can of corn with us," Sciambra commented. "To remind us every day of where our ultimate goal is and where were trying to get to," said Katz.

Like many teams across the country, the Tigers' ultimate goal is Omaha, but only LSU has the secret ingredient from a man who plans to follow them all the way there.

"That was like a token that he would be in Omaha whenever we made it there," explained Sciambra. "After we win, we are going to sign it, then give it back to him. That's our plan," Bourgeois added.

The Tigers may be good enough that they don't necessarily need a good luck charm, because even for the one game the can of corn was absent, LSU still won 14-1.

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