Shooting caught on camera, suspect bails out of jail hours later

Charles Murphy Ealem (Source: Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office)
Charles Murphy Ealem (Source: Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office)

DONALDSONVILLE, LA (WAFB) - The mother of a shooting victim is asking why the man who shot her son is already back out on the streets, and the shooting was clearly caught on video.

Gunshots can be heard clearly on cell phone video shot by a witness at the scene. Yolette Jacobs says that video proves the man who shot her son should be behind bars. But the accused, Charles Murphy Ealem, 43, is no longer in jail.

Some say what happened on Elizabeth Street in Donaldsonville on Thursday is the result of ongoing problems between the victim's family and the shooters family.

According to a report from the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office, witnesses reported seeing a group of males fighting. A young girl told police she heard two to three gunshots. The girl says after that, she saw Charles Ealem arguing with the man who had just been shot, Victor Jacobs.

The report states that the girl then watched as "Mr. Ealem approached Mr. Jacobs, with his gun drawn...then shot Mr. Jacobs in the foot."

Those shots caused some to scatter, deputies say one of the witnesses reported when they tried to go near the victim Ealem pointed the gun at them and told them to back up. Another person at the scene told deputies the shooter then walked toward the victim, who was on the ground. Witnesses say the victim said, "Murphy please don't shoot me." They said Ealem then fired another shot. When the victim tried to get up, those at the scene tell deputies Ealem pushed him back down and said, "You not going anywhere."

When deputies arrived at the scene they reported seeing a man with a pistol. That man gave them two spent shell casings and told them, "Yea I shot him."

Ealem was charged with attempted second degree murder. Judge Alvin Turner says based on the report by deputies and additional information from the sheriff's office; he set the bond at $40,000.

Some say that is too low, especially since Ealem posted bail within hours of his arrest and is back out on the streets.

The victim remains in the hospital. He was shot twice; once in the foot, once in the leg.

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