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Storm damage recorded in numerous East Texas counties.

A driving rain and roaring winds toppled trees, knocking down power lines and damaging homes on Easter Sunday. The morning storms hit numerous East Texas counties. Huge trees were snapped, many torn from the ground as a fast moving storm caught many East Texans by surprise.

"Marble size hail first. And the wind was just terrible just blowing. Flagpole was swaying. I knew it was going to break it," says Cass County resident Anne Gilmore.

From Deadwood in Panola county to north of Pittsburg, powerful winds cut a swath of destruction. Trees toppled over on power lines. A swirling wind had many preparing for a tornado.

"The rain was just then you could see the wind take the rain just swirling around. And then you see what's next. We got a little concerned," says resident Stephanie Calcagni.

Many areas reported brief periods of hail. The damage was so widespread that whole communities, like Lone Star, were without power for several hours. Barns and homes were damaged, and huge amount of rain feel in a short period.

"So much thunder and lightning and heavy rain. I poured two and 3/4 inches out of the rain gauge," Gilmore says.

But fortunately no injuries were reported.

Strong winds hit the Daingerfield Animal Shelter, destroying the dog kennel area and tearing the roof off the shelter. Debris was scattered over 100 yards away. Shelter workers were called in to capture around 17 dogs that were running free in the facility. None of the animals were injured.

Viewers in the Avinger-Jefferson area believe a tornado may have touched down, but there has been no confirmed report.

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