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Sunday storm leaves damage throughout SWLA


Easter Sunday in Southwest Louisiana brought with it strong winds, heavy rains and in some places, hail.  

The severe weather also left a trail of damage in the area, including a hundreds year old oak tree, destroying a family's garage in Lake Charles.

"Next thing I know, I see the tree shaking ... next thing I know, I see the tree falling," said Hayden LeBlanc.

LeBlanc was spending Easter with his family on Arkansas Street in Lake Charles when the storms began. Watching the big oak tree in his aunt's yard from his grandparents home a few doors down, he said his boy scout preparations kicked into gear.

"We need to get down there and see what's going on," said LeBlanc.

What he found he said he's never seen before -- a 120-125 foot oak tree was uprooted and had destroyed the family's garage.

Because of flammable materials inside the garage, like paint thinner and gasoline, the Haz-Mat unit of the Lake Charles Fire Department responded to the scene. There were no injuries.

On Watkins Street in Lake Charles, another oak tree lost its battle against mother nature, falling and taking with it a number of power lines.  

The temporary fence protecting the progress of the Gill Street Extension project in downtown Lake Charles was completely blown down.

On Boys Village Road, south of Highway 90 in Calcasieu Parish, a metal structure became entangled on a power line.  

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