Easter weekend crawfish price spike

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - This is traditionally the biggest weekend of the year for crawfish sales in South Louisiana. One local seafood store owner tells 9News why you might be seeing higher prices for mud bugs right now.

It's Good Friday, and folks across South Louisiana are gearing up for a three days when they will eat all kinds of seafood - and plenty of it.

"Sit out on the patio, relax and eat some boiled crawfish...enjoy the nice weather," said Tim Guidry.

But people who usually enjoy a few pounds of crawfish Easter weekend say they've noticed a definite increase in the price of mud bugs this year.

"Some of the crawfish places are like four dollars...five dollars a pound because they're kind of scarce this year," said Michael Henry.

"This weekend seems to be a little bit higher than last time," said Blaze Gilyot. "I think last time we did it, it was about two ninety-something a pound. Today it's $3.99"

Peppers Fresh Market owner Tim Godso says the biggest reason for the price spike was the unpredictable weather South Louisiana had this winter.

"At the first of the season, the water was warm and the crawfish were real abundant. We thought it was going to be a great, great season," said Godso. "Then all of a sudden we had a couple of cold snaps, and the supply went way down. That's why the prices went up."

Godso says there was about a 50 cent price change over the last week, but it was not enough to hurt business. He says they plan to sell around 500 sacks of crawfish during the next three days.

"You know the days of the old $20 sack of crawfish is over with, but I'm sure they'll go down quite a bit," said Godso.

Godso says crawfish farmers are optimistic about the crawfish supply for the rest of the season. He says they're expecting a good number of spillway, or wild crawfish, to come out in the next few months - which should help to lower prices.

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