Viewpoint: March 29, 2013

It's a popular show on CBS and The Amazing Race airs here on WAFB on Sunday nights. In the episode that aired on March 17, the contestants on the show were in Vietnam. Featured in the program was the wreckage of an American B-52 bomber that was shot down during the Vietnam War. The contestants also had to learn a Communist propaganda song.

It's been 38 years since the Vietnam War ended, but seeing those two images on TV and especially hearing the song, was still a little jolting. A couple of Vietnam Vets called WAFB General Manager Sandy Breland and were understandably disturbed by it. In fact, the American Legion and the VFW both complained to CBS President Les Moonves expressing their anger over the episode.

This past Sunday, just before a new episode of the show aired, CBS issued an apology. It was clear, they had made a mistake. Since then, the national commander of the American Legion accepted the apology. And, Sen. John McCain, who was held captive by the North Vietnamese, said, "We all make mistakes. The issue is closed."

The episode was insensitive. It was an amazing mistake.