Police in City of Central to start ticketing speeding drivers

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - Drivers in the City of Central with a heavy foot are being warned to ease up or pay the price. The police department in Central will soon be handing out speeding tickets, but the fines won't stay with the city.

Red signs that read S-T-O-P are getting a lot of drivers in the Central area busted. Chief Doug Browning says his officers are out, giving drivers a refresher course on what that sign means.

"Mainly inside subdivisions… It's kind of what they call the old California rolling stop. Stop means stop," Browning said.

Browning says his department has had several complaints from people in the Briddlewood, Northwoods and Comite Hills neighborhoods. So far, he says, they've written 20 tickets to people running stop signs and red lights. But speeders are also getting a warning. The chief says as soon as his officers are certified, they'll also be running radar. He already has an idea of where many of the offenders will come from.

"Seventy miles an hour is not to uncommon on Joor Road," he said.

The speed limit on sections of Joor is 55. Using our radar gun, we found people traveling in the 60's.

Central formed its own city in 2005, now eight years later, this will be the first time officers here are writing tickets to speeders. Browning says before, he did not have the workforce to do the work.

"I'm just now getting up to ten reserves and getting equipment for them," Browning said. "Reserves don't get paid anything."

Browning says getting help takes time when you don't have a big budget. But the fines collected from these tickets won't help them.

"The fines go to everybody except us."

Until Central can establish a city court, the money goes directly to the parish. So for Browning, he says policing the city is about safety and not making money.

Hooper Road is another area where officers in Central will be watching for speeders.

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