IBM's future arrival generates excitement in downtown Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Fred Taylor was all smiles Wednesday as he reflected on the news of IBM's future arrival in downtown Baton Rouge.

"Stability is the best thing about it," said Taylor.

Taylor has owned and operated Po Boy Lloyd's for more than 30 years and he is just a short walk from where IBM will eventually call home. That is economic growth Taylor hopes will go a long way in making the downtown a boon town.

"The hotels coming in and that's great. A lot of times they over run us with it but the big thing is the stability we're going to get when we get the new business down there that people will be here every day," added Taylor.

Stability is a scenario state, city and IBM leaders are banking on as well. The next major phase in turning more vacant lots and empty apartments into a thriving city center.

"This amazing facility you see on the walls is the next step in creating that 24-hour city. It could not have been done without the vision and passion and leadership of our state," said John Davies of Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

"We're going to continue building a smarter planet and frankly today's the day we're going to start in Baton Rouge," said IBM Senior Vice President Colleen Arnold.

Taylor is looking to be a part of that development for years to come.

"Hopefully this thing will just pick us up and it's good for us. All it can do is help," said Taylor.

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