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LSU hospitals in Shreveport, Monroe set for privatization


 The LSU Board of Supervisors has agreed to negotiate turning over operations of university-run hospitals in Shreveport and Monroe to a nonprofit research foundation whose interim president sits on the LSU board.
The board Wednesday backed an arrangement LSU hopes will lead to the Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana taking over management of the north Louisiana hospitals, as reported by The Associated Press.

Some patients fear there will also be changes in care.

"Where are the people going to go that don't have insurance, there is no where to go," says Shreveport Resident John Troff.

But State Senator Greg Tarver says changing care for the needy or elderly is not a part of the upcoming plan.

"Things are not going to change, the elderly and the needy are going to be taken care of, the same tomorrow as they have in the past," says Tarver.

Many employees, like patients are uncertain and don't know if their jobs will be in jeopardy with this planned partnership. Sally Croom with the LSU Medical Center in Shreveport sent us this email:

     "At this time no decision has been made about employees. Throughout budget cuts over the past two years, we have protected our employees. In the next few months, we will be working with consultants to help us determine the best way to handle a transition for them," says Croom.

LSU board member John George is vice chairman of the board and interim president of the research foundation.
The Associated Press reported George didn't vote on the agreement and walked out for the discussion. He's seeking an opinion from the state ethics board about whether he can maintain his LSU board position and his research foundation job.
LSU board chairman Hank Danos told The Associated Press he's comfortable with how the board has handled the negotiations and George's recusal.

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