Organization using eCards on billboards for a nasty problem

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There is a statewide campaign aimed at a nasty problem and it is targeting young people. An organization is using laughter as the primary weapon.

You see them all over Facebook- Ecards with funny little sayings on them. One of them shows a drawing of a little man with a smile on his face with these words next to him, "I didn't see anybody important today- so I'll wear these same clothes tomorrow."

Another one is the drawing of a woman on her cell phone with these words next to her, "Instead of saying LOL- I'm gonna say SALTS- Smiled A Little Then Stopped."

The people at Keep Louisiana Beautiful are using the popular cards to get their message across to a younger audience.

The group has launched a state-wide campaign.

"Sometimes as older people we are set in our ways," said Leigh Harris, Director of keep Louisiana Beautiful. "The younger generation is more ready to join the green movement and be more environmentally aware."

You too can get involved in the statewide campaign- click here for a link to Keep Louisiana Beautiful's Facebook contest. You can enter your own eCard saying that could end up on a billboard in your area.

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