Kennedy works to clarify parts of Jindal's tax plan

Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy
Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy

RAPIDES PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy is working to clarify parts of Gov. Bobby Jindal's new tax proposal.

He was at a gathering of business leaders at Louisiana College in Rapides Parish earlier this week talking about a proposal that would eliminate the state income tax. Kennedy warned the new proposal will have both winners and losers, though.

"Both Governor Roemer and Governor Foster allowed the people to vote, after explaining to them carefully, who would win, who would lose, what the changes would be, what the anticipating consequences would be, people got to vote up or down, both under Governor Roemer and under Governor Foster, so I'm asking Governor Jindal to allow the people to vote on this one as well," Kennedy said.

Kennedy proposed the best way to improve the tax legislation would be to open it to public vote. The next state legislative session begins on April 8.

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