Many consider volunteer who recently died as last victim of Hurricane Katrina

David Brown
David Brown

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Many peopleconsider a man from Indiana, who went to New Orleans as a volunteer in therecovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina, to be the last victim of the deadlystorm.

DavidBrown, 54, of Oakland City, IN, was a firefighter for 35 years. His call topublic service took him to southeast Louisiana in 2005 following Katrina. Whilethere, he was able to provide help. However, he sustained an injury that wouldultimately cost him his life.

Brown'swife said he was searching a chemical plant, which led to a deadly injury.

"Evidently,a chemical got in the bottom of his shoe," she said. "But, they worklike 12 hours a day and the more he walked and more of that chemical wentthrough. It ate through his shoe and caused a sore in the bottom of hisfoot."

The sore ledto an infection that ended up costing Brown his leg. Brown was a diabetic, andjust this month, complications from both the infection and the disease took hislife.

His friendshave written emails and letters to the White House in hopes President BarackObama will honor him as the last victim of Hurricane Katrina.

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