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Anna Louise Inn renovations on hold due to legal battle


An area lawyer is threatening to sue the city of Cincinnati on behalf of the taxpayers due to the city's support of the Anna Louise Inn.

The Anna Louise Inn, located near Lytle Park in downtown Cincinnati,  provides women with long-term housing, some of which may be leaving a life of prostitution.

Attorney Peter Koenig claims that city leaders and others have misled federal housing officials about the planned renovations to the Anna Louise Inn.

These renovations have been in limbo because of a series of legal actions by Western and Southern. The insurance giant wants to build a luxury hotel on the property and claims that federal money can't be used for renovating a facility that will be used strictly for women.

Koenig says he is going to sue next week unless the city takes immediate action to stop, what  he calls, a misuse of public money.

Meanwhile, individuals at the Anna Louise Inn believe that these threats are merely "calculated delay tactics" preventing women from turning their loves around.

"They saved my life," said Inn resident Kelly Campbell. "By coming here they got me on the correct medicine that I need to be on for my depression. I don't have to self medicate myself through drugs and alcohol anymore."

Over the years, the Anna Louise Inn has helped thousands of women get off the street. It is a mission they are determined to continue.

"They helped me get back into society," said resident Carol Thompson. "I had a drug problem and I was in the streets. I was in prostitution as well. They helped me with that."

However, Anna Louise Inn's attorney Tim Burke has got his hands full.

"This has been so frustrating because Western Southern has filed five separate lawsuits in an attempt to block the Anna Louise Inn renovation," explained Burke. "In the last 48 hours they've hired two new attorneys and have threatened two more lawsuits."

Burke says that the reason for the legal action is obvious.

"It's clear that one of the things they're trying to do is wear down the Anna Louise Inn and the city of Cincinnati. The good news is that I think the city is very much dedicated to and behind the efforts to provide the help that the Anna Louise Inn provides."

The renovation plans include building 85 individual apartments for the women.

These plans are on hold until the legal wrangling is over.

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