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MCSD releases school bus video of alleged abuse


Muscogee County School District officials have released a video of the alleged assault on a student with special needs who attends Hannan Academy.

The parents of that 10-year-old boy told us in an interview earlier this week that their son was "yanked" by a bus aid and verbally assaulted by a para-professional employee with the school district.

Thursday afternoon our request to review that video was granted.  We initially requested videos dated prior to the one you are see in this report, but were only given what the parents gave the district permission to release.

The identities of the employees are protected at the request of the school district.

The surveillance video from inside a Muscogee County School district bus on February 7 shows a para-professional at Hannan Academy, a bus driver, bus aid, and the 10-year-old student with special needs.

We were told by the school district today that the young boy rides the bus from Hannan to an after school autism program. On this particular day parents told us that their son was abused by district workers.

The video shows the boy getting out of his seat-belt and having what parents called a "meltdown." He bangs his head on the seat of the bus, then stands up. That's when it appears the aide pulls him back to his seat.

Interim superintendent John Phillips told us Friday before viewing the video that the school system has completed their investigation and found nothing against their employees.

"In my opinion, and in the opinion of our staff and others there is absolutely no abuse of this child, contrary this monitor is trying to protect his welfare," Phillips said.

The boy's parents, who were not allowed to view the video with members of media, told us right after that they feel protocol and procedure was not adhered to.

Phillips told us that there are more videos and that showing just this one takes the situation out of context. At this time we are told that the bus driver and bus aid are still employed with the school district and have not been reprimanded for this incident.

Phillips told us Friday since this incident occurred, the district revised procedures on their bus behavior intervention plan

Part of that change includes addresses consequence procedures for problem behavior. 

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