Religious leaders disapprove of Jindal's tax swap plan

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Dozens of religious leaders from around the state converged on the State Capitol Friday morning to express their disapproval of the proposed Governor Jindal tax swap plan.

Jindal wants to eliminate the state income tax in favor of higher sales taxes and taxing services previously excluded. "For the sake of clarity," says Rev. Melvin Rushing. "The effect of the 5.88 percent across the board increase on taxes on the majority of services in the state's economy is not underestimated or under stated by the department of revenue. It is entirely absent from their analysis."

Rushing also says that nearly half of the projections of new sales taxes are not listed on the administrations calculation which puts the poor at a distinct disadvantage.

Tim Barfield from the Department of Revenue issued this statement which reads in part: "We agree with the members of the clergy that low-income residents should not be negatively impacted by our tax reform plan."

Governor Jindal has said all along that the taxes on services is a work in progress and will be throughout the legislative session. The session gets kicked off at noon April 8, 2013.

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