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"Ruff" day for Bobby the border collie

Source: Bath Police Facebook page Source: Bath Police Facebook page
Bobby at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital Bobby at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital

There's been some doggy drama in Summit County Thursday.

A pet was saved from a cold, semi-frozen pond.

For the second time this week, Bath Township rescue squads saved an animal in icy water.  First a horse was rescued from a swimming pool, then a dog in an icy pond.

Bobby, the 13-year-old border collie had a "ruff" day.  He wandered out of his Bath Township home and into this frigid pond on Spring Valley.

EMS, police and the fire department sprung into action and suited up.

"I hooked into a rope and started crawling onto the ice toward the dog.  He kept falling through the ice.  I worked my way to the dog," said paramedic Steve Schultz.

Only the dog's head was above water when firefighters arrived.

Schultz braved the icy water to scoop up the shivering pup.

"He was real weak…wasn't paddling very much.  I got behind him, gave him a hug, held his head up and they pulled me in with the rope," said Schultz.

EMS doesn't know the exact temperature of the pond at the time of the rescue, but they figure the dog was in there 30 minutes before he was rescued.

Bobby's owner Sheran Dray was outside working on her property. The rescue was over before she even knew Bobby had gotten out.

"I saw the rescue equipment go by. I had no idea what was going on," said Dray.

"Our dogs are part of our family. It's just amazing that a person would risk their life to go in after our dog," said Dray.

A Bath police officer rushed Bobby to Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Copley. He is currently being treated for exposure to the freezing water, but is expected to make a full recovery.

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