I-team follow-up: Red Barn Motors issues checks to customers and employees

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - Employees and some customers of the Red Barn Motor Company in Denham Springs are still upset, even though many got their checks.

Dozens of employees claim they were fired without reason or notice. Customers say they're worried they've put down deposits on cars they may never get.

The Red Barn Motors used car dealership in Denham Springs pulled the plug abruptly leaving many high and dry.

Red Barn shut down earlier this week with 40-plus employees saying they received calls and text messages late Monday night saying they were out of a job effective immediately.

There was a crowd waiting for owners Friday morning. Worried employees of Red Barn Motors patiently waited outside the office until one of the owners, Don Richardson, showed up. In his hand was a stack of envelopes, presumably holding this week's payroll for the company.

Owners insist that it's only a temporary closure due to family illnesses. Richardson stressed that all employees will get all of their money.

"All employees have been paid their due to be paid right now. We have their standard pay day in the issue of checks today. All employee hours will be paid at the appropriate time," said Richardson.

Even when all of the money is accounted for, hard feelings may well remain.

"Well it's kind of cowardly the way they did it. And I'm anxious to get to the bank to see if the check's good," said Sherri Cantreol, an employee of Red Barn Motors.

Cantreol would return later and confirm the check was good.

Jacqueline Dilley is one of the sales women at Red Barn. She was looking for a big payday Friday because, according to her, this week is supposed to be commission pay week.

"If this wasn't happening right now, this is the time of the month where we get our commission checks? It's supposed to happen now," said Dilley.

Richardson, who does not work day-to-day at the car lot, promises that payroll audits will be done and payments to the employees will be made on time.

"Everybody's been paid what they are due to be paid now...ok," said Richardson.

Even though none of the owners would give an opening time frame, the used car commission says they will be monitoring the situation and they understand Red Barn Motors plans to reopen next week.

Anyone with any complaints is asked to call the Used Car Commission at 925-3866.

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