Defense: New Evidence Could Prove Lee's Innocence

Less than a day after a jury convicted him of 21-year-old Geralyn DeSoto's murder, Derrick Todd Lee and his lawyer's claim they have found new evidence that proves he's innocent.

A new motion filed Wednesday says the defense found some new evidnce late Tuesday afternoon that would probably have changed the jury's verdict. Sources say this new may center around when Derrick Lee actually picked up his check in West Baton Rouge. Prosecutors have said Lee picked up his check only a few hundred yards away from Geralyn's trailer the same day Geralyn was murdered.

Thompson was unable to be reached for comment, but hinted Tuesday that he received a letter claiming Derrick Lee actually picked the check up a day later. Special prosecutor Tony Clayton says it doesn't matter when Derrick Lee picked his check up -- he was still in West Baton Rouge up to no good.

"The issue of this case is not when he picked his check up. It's when he killed Geralyn DeSoto. That's just the red herring. He has to defend the guy and he's going to come up with all that," said Clayton.

The defense team also told the court Wednesday that they will appeal the decision, although they can't officially until the judge sentences Lee on Monday. Lee will be sentenced to serve a life sentence without parole at Angola.

Callers Voice Their Opinions of "Guilty" Verdict Over The Radio

People from as far away as New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. opened their newspapers Wednesday morning to news about Derrick Todd Lee's guilty verdict in West Baton Rouge parish. The guilty verdict had a lot of you talking as well. WAFB's Matt Clough listened in as callers voiced their opionions on WJBO's Radio Show.

It appears a lot of people had reactions to Tuesday's guilty verdict. At the WJBO studios - calls rolled in from listeners wanting to comment on the case and the future of the suspected serial killer.

Frank (caller): "The death penalty is too quick, and too easy. I think the man deserves solitary confinement in prison in Angola for the rest of his life."

One caller questioned if Lee will now spend the rest of his life behind bars: Do we continue with the more expensive first degree murders in East Baton Rouge next month?

Jim (caller): "I see no reason that more tax money should be spent when it's going to cost just as much to try him here and put him to death than to house him across the river."

Tuesday's verdict attracted national attention, but maybe not as much as you would think. National news like CNN and FOX News covered the story, however, only on their websites. The "USA Today" newspaper also picked up the story, while the "New York Times" only dedicated a paragraph to the story.