Musso ruled competent to stand trial

Dustin Musso
Dustin Musso

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A man accused of killing his grandfather, then burning the grandfather's house down was found competent Tuesday to stand trial.

Judge Mike Erwin ruled after hearing psychiatrist Lawrence Wade testify about how he felt Dustin Musso was competent.

"I interviewed Dustin for about an hour and a half," said Wade from the stand. "He was quite lucid and polite." Wade said in his professional opinion, Musso was aware of why he was arrested in Alabama and he was clear that he was charged with killing someone.

Dustin Musso suffers from substance abuse disorder and severe anti-social personality disorder. Both of the diagnoses are treatable according to Wade, with the proper medication.

Musso who has been known to act up in the court room was spotted sticking his tongue at Dr. Wade as he was testifying.

He also was winking at Prosecutor Prem Burns, who was sitting just feet from the suspect.

Musso is charged with first degree murder.

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