State representative plans to introduce deposit program for cans and bottles

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - Cathy Matherne, like other local residents, pays a company to collect her recyclables.

"Anything that can be recycled, needs to be recycled," said Matherne.

That includes cans and plastic and glass bottles. Those items would fall into a new redeemable deposit program if State Representative Eddie Lambert of Gonzales gets his way.

"You would pay a five cent deposit and that would be collected at the retailers level. That money would be deposited in an account by DEQ which would administer the program and when you would return the bottle you would get your nickel back," said Lambert.

The proposed bill that Lambert has tried to introduce twice before, is a concept 11 other states and territories currently use and it's one that Chauntel Lanoux of Gonzales supports.

"There is always the option that it may bring prices down on different products and stuff and it's always good to recycle. You can never have too much of something you can use to make something else," said Lanoux.

Under a plan like Lambert's, the five cent deposit for cans and bottles would go back to the consumer once returned. According to Lambert, It's a program that would result in more traffic to retailers and less trash in landfills and on the streets.

"When you put this nickel deposit on it you're encouraging people to conserve and you're also going to create, now their bringing this plastic back and now you've got these large qualities of plastics that you can use and recycle," said Lambert.

In Lambert's two previous attempts, the proposed bill never made it out of committees and on to the floor but he's hopeful that with testimony from officials using similar programs in other states, the third time will be the charm.

"I don't like wasting materials that can be recycled and so we do recycle at home and I would be glad to come in and bring in my plastics and bottles that wouldn't cost me anything," said Matherne.

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