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FOX19 Investigates: Military education cuts

Army Veteran Buck Clay - UC Student Army Veteran Buck Clay - UC Student

Add the Coast Guard to the list of military branches cutting tuition assistance for active-duty personnel, according to a report tonight at

The Army and Marine Corps have already announced they're doing the same thing. Pentagon leaders blame the cuts on the sequester, those automatic spending cuts that congressional leaders and Pres. Obama were supposed to avoid.

At the University of Cincinnati, there are only about 70 active duty personnel who are taking courses, most of them online. However, Army veteran Buck Clay, who's studying on-campus at UC, is worried people like him will be affected eventually.

"The VA system has been deemed off-limits in the cuts," Clay said Thursday afternoon outside UC's Tangeman University Center. "But unfortunately there's a lot of supporting agencies that the VA dishes people out to."

He's worried veterans who depend on help for financial aid, unemployment benefits --- even homeless services --- may be impacted.

"Those services are going to disappear," Clay said. "And where do they go?"

One place they can go is the website of Modern Veterans of America, a non-profit Clay started with the mission of veterans helping veterans. It offers information about issues affecting former service members and even includes an analysis of current events, like this article on the sequester.

At UC, there is also a new Veterans One Stop Center at the University Pavilion and a veterans advisor current and prospective students may get in touch with, too.

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