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Mom starts anti-hate Facebook page after stranger targets her family


When you hear stories about bullying or harassment on social media, you typically think of teens. But that's not the case for one Huntersville mom, who says she is getting racially charged messages from a stranger.

Heather Edmunds and her husband, Calvin, are still reeling from the shock of being attacked via Facebook by a woman they don't even know.

Edmunds says the derogatory messages began after she suggested on a eBay-type site that a member lower the price of her handbags.

"So I just posted on there like, 'Hey - you might wanna lower your prices and people will probably buy them'," she recalled.

But according to Edmunds, the woman didn't appreciate that comment, looked her up on Facebook and began posting hate-filled rants on her page.

"She called my husband the 'n-word'," she told WBTV. "She called my son a half-breed...basically that we're what's wrong with the world. That people need to stick to their races and that we probably voted for [President] Obama."

Appalled and angry, Heather immediately called her husband, Calvin.

Biracial, just like their son, it wasn't anything Calvin hadn't heard before.

"I've been called a lot of different things throughout time - so it tends to roll off my back. But when it comes to my son now, that's a whole different story," said Edmunds.

That's also why Heather refused to sit by and do nothing. She created "Stop the Hate, Spread the Love" page on Facebook instead.

"In 24 hours we had 200 members," she told WBTV.

In nearly a week's time there are almost 500 members, some as far away as Australia.

For Edmunds, it's about spreading love not hate, one click at a time.

"They're either gonna support this and embrace it, or they're gonna say 'what does know about racism?,' she said. "It's one thing to learn how to think before you speak but on the Internet to think before you type, it's a whole different ball game."

Edmunds also told WBTV they filed a report with the Huntersville Police Department, but were told police couldn't take any action because they woman didn't actually threaten them.

For more information about Edmund's Facebook page, click here

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