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$3 million mansion 'squatter' shouts at judge

Tabitha Gentry appeared in court Monday. Tabitha Gentry appeared in court Monday.
Tabitha Gentry Tabitha Gentry

(WMC-TV) - The woman accused of living in a foreclosed Memphis mansion without permission answered to a judge Monday.

Tabitha Gentry repeatedly interrupted the judge during her brief video arraignment.

A man who claims to be a friend showed up to support Gentry.

"She's Moorish-American. Why y'all saying she's a squatter? She's Moorish-American," said Jarrod Batts. "This matter have to be handled in a civil court. Not general sessions."

But the judge disagreed and ignored Gentry's opposition throughout her appearance. He upheld her bond at $2 million and set her next court date for March 26.

Police say Tabitha Gentry was holed up with her family on Shady Grove Road for nearly a week. The house they decided to live in without permission was worth nearly $3 million.

Memphis city officials said it took days to remove Gentry from the home because the burden is with the owner and not with police.

Gentry was arrested on charges of trespass, burglary and theft over $60,000.

This is not Gentry's first arrest.

She was arrested in October and accused of assaulting two police officers.

The charges were not prosecuted.

A resident on the 3000 block of Cromwell Avenue said she previously moved into a home in that neighborhood, claimed the house as her own, racked up a $4,000 utility bill, and squatted for about 18 months before being evicted.

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