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Tip line proves to be valuable tool for law enforcement


The Ohio State Patrols's #677 tip line has proven to be a valuable tool for law enforcement since it was introduced a year ago.

The tip line was created to help state police crack down on drug trafficking.

However, the tip line also plays an important role in keeping roadways safe. The tip line has been helping law enforcement crack down on drunk driving.

"The impaired driver arrests, [we have] made quite a few a arrests just based off those calls," explains State Patrol Sgt. Scott Bierer. "We can get into position and keep the caller on the line and we can go ahead and get the vehicle stopped."

The #677 tip line has since replaced the GRAB-DUI campaign. Officials say that #677 was easier for callers to remember.

"They had the GRAB-DUI, then it was 1-877-PATROL," said Sgt. Bierer. "It was just an easier number to remember. They were getting it out and putting it on their car license plates. They got it posted on the interstates. Just trying to push that number to get it in there. People can even put it in their phones."

Sgt. Bierer says the response to the new tip line has been impressive. During the first three months of operation, #677 received nearly 13 thousand calls from citizens.

According to State Patrol statistics, felony arrests, investigations and drug violations have all increased over the past year due in part to the tips.

"If they have drug tips, hotline or drug couriers or anything like that we've been getting increased intel on that," continues Sgt. Bierer. "Anonymous tips or tips of certain vehicles at certain times, any information they can give us that we can go off of."

State Patrol officers encourage individuals who witness something suspicious to call the tip line. Callers can remain anonymous.

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