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CDC warns hospitals about Superbug

The CDC is warning hospitals on Friday to take action against what it calls a 'nightmare bacteria' that could kill patients.

This bacteria, also known as the 'Superbug' has no cure.

It's been reported in 42 states and area hospitals like St. Mary's and Deaconess have both seen cases.

The superbug has made its way into seemingly safe places like classrooms and nursing homes in nearly every state.

"They stay in our body, kinda hidden, just waiting for an opportunity for them to come and make us really sick," says Mellodee Montgomery of Deaconess Hospital's Infection Control.

These bacteria are deadly with a fatality rate of nearly 50% and standard antibiotics won't help.

"It's resistant to virtually all antibiotics," says Dr. Anthony Fauci with the National Institute of Health. "So when an individual gets this microbe and it invades the blood or invades a tissue, curing them becomes very difficult."

In fact, antibiotics are part of the problem.

"There's a tendency to treat in 'in case,'" says Bob Gold, a St. Mary's Pharmacist. "We're exposing organisms to an awful lot of antibiotics. They get a little overused and that is what's causing some resistance."

There nightmare superbugs are elusive.

Montgomery says symptoms may get worse before you can get better, "When it gets to the point where we are using every antibiotic that we have and there's nothing that's making the patient feel any better, we highly suspect that."

Gold says doctors should be carefully not to overmedicate and these deadly superbugs don't just live in our bodies.

Montgomery stresses to wash your hands and clean the surfaces around you because something so simple can safe a life.

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