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Three arrested for casino robbery

John Sinagra John Sinagra
Zeb Cummings Zeb Cummings
Johnathon Simms Johnathon Simms

Deputies solved a casino heist in St. Helena Parish and they say it was an inside job.

The robbery happened at the Whispering Pines Casino in late January.

At the time, the casino's manager, John Sinagra called 911 to report the robbery.  A dispatcher asked Sinagra if he had gotten a look at the get-away vehicle.

"No ma'am I can't see anything out there," Sinagra says on the 911 recording.  "I'm not out, I'm not going out there."

St. Helena chief deputy John Chaney says Sinagra was the mastermind of the entire heist.

"Well, we had several interviews with him," Chaney said.  "He began to get a little nervous on us... We began to focus in on him."

Deputies arrested John Sinagra and two other men, the accused robber Zeb Cummings and the accused getaway driver Johnathon Simms.

All are charged in the case.

The men are accused of getting away with around $160,000. Deputies have only recovered a $1,000 of that.

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