Woman fights to close neighborhood bar

Mary Bonaventure
Mary Bonaventure

GLYNN, LA (WAFB) - A woman in the small town of Glynn, La. wants the state to close a bar in her neighborhood. She claims the loud music and rowdy crowds have gotten out of control.

Mary Bonaventure lives one door down from Benny's Bar, just off of River Road. When she moved there eight years ago it doubled as a café. But four years ago, the landmark burned to the ground and the owner re-opened only the bar. Bonaventure said that's when her nightmares began.

"It's four wheelers, trucks with loud pipes, people spinning their tires," Bonaventure said.

Bonaventure said Benny's customers are inconsiderate.

"They don't realize there are neighbors and they're in someone else's neighborhood because that is where the bar is. They come to drink."

It's quiet during the day, but Bonaventure said when the sun sets and the doors open the party gets going and doesn't stop until the early hours of the morning.

Bonaventure said the loud music and noise disturb her sleep. She has a collection of photos and a large record of complaints she's filed with the Point Coupee Sheriff's Office.

"Oh Lord. (I call) at least once or twice a week. When they have karaoke, the back door is open. They are screaming and hollering and sometimes it's not even from the bar."

The owner, Rickey Rivett, told 9News the sheriff's office recommended that he build a six-foot fence on his property to keep his customers from crossing into the nearby residential area. Rivett said the barrier was built a year and a half ago.

Bonaventure claims it has not made the situation any better. She wants the bar gone.

"Why don't he break the bar down and build it next door to him on Greenwell Springs in Baton Rouge, see how they like it in their neighborhood, 300 feet from their house."

Bonaventure said her fight is far from over. She has taken the issue to La. Alcohol Tobacco Control Commissioner, Troy Hebert.

"Oh, I'm going to go all the way. I promise you. I'm going to sleep in my bed."

The state ATC board issued a permit to Benny's in 2007.

Investigators report the bar has a clean record.

They added, they will review Bonaventure's concerns and address any issues they might find.

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