CATS unveils implementation plan

Capitol Area Transit System Executive Director Brian Marshal gave his assessment of the CATS implementation plan for the next three years.

"The first goal was to make sure the plan was responsive to the public to make sure there was high public participation," says Marshall. "The second goal was to make sure the plan was sustainable."

CATS won a hefty tax vote last April and the extra money is beginning to come in so Marshall says priorities will be hiring additional staff to ramp up for an even larger change up. Gone says Marshall will be the old hub and spoke system of bus routes. He says a grid system is more modern and efficient.

Board member Jarod Loftus was inquiring into where the pay raises were in the new plan's line item on the balance sheets. He was informed those numbers were not immediately available. "I was under the impression that this was a comprehensive plan," said Loftus.

Board member Montel McCaleb noted that he thought the plan was very well put together. The plan now moves to the planning committee, of which Jarod Loftus is the chair.

Loftus would not comment to 9News after the meeting, referring all media inquires to Board Chairman Isaiah Marshall. Marshall said it was CATS protocol to not allow board members to comment to members of the media.

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