Viewpoint: March 5, 2013

There is a concern growing in parts of the Assumption Parish community, one that is growing right along with the huge sinkhole that developed there. Where is Gov. Bobby Jindal? Some neighbors voiced their frustrations at a recent meeting with Louisiana officials at the Capitol.

The governor's staff assures the people of Bayou Corne that the governor is receiving regular updates and has directed numerous state resources to help in anyway they can. But, we don't think that's enough for the hundreds of people who have been under a mandatory evacuation and out of their homes for months.

It has been over 200 days since the sinkhole first appeared and there's no apparent end in site.   Leaders from presidents to governors often visit disaster areas, if anything, just to offer hope and comfort. Governor Jindal has done a good job of doing just that with past disasters. We believe the people of Assumption Parish and Bayou Corne deserve the same kind of attention.