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Recipes from Margaritaville at the new Horseshoe Casino

Calypso Chicken Pasta

1oz Vegtable Oil
1oz Butter
1 portion Chicken
1 portion Pasta vegetables
2oz Chicken stock
4oz Cajun pasta sauce
1 portion Penne pasta
1 ea Garlic bread
2 shakes JBMV seasoning salt
1 tsp paremsan cheese
1 tsp scallions -- chopped
Heat oil and butter in a saute' pan
Add chicken to the saute' pan and heat thoroughly
Add vegetables and heat thoroughly
Deglaze with the stock and boil
Add the Cajun pasta sauce and seasoning salt
Add the pasta and heat through and reduce to thicken the sauce.
Pour the pasta into the bowl, mounding in the center
Using tongs, pull the chicken to the top of the pasta
Place the plate in the service window
Place fresh parmesan cheese over center of dish
Place a hot piece of garlic bread on the side of the bowl
Uptown Margarita
You'll be cruisin' on a delicious wave of Margaritaville® Gold Tequila, Cointreau® Orange Liqueur, and our special margarita mix crested with a Gran Gala® float. Excellent on the rocks.
Don't get washed ashore with this
drink made with Mango Rum, Wray and
Nephew® Overproof White Rum, orange
juice, pineapple juice, spicy mango syrup, and fresh lime juice.
5 O'Clock Somewhere
Give me a Hurricane before I go Insane!
Margaritaville® Authentic Island Silver Rum, Margaritaville Paradise Passion Fruit™ Tequila, BACARDI® 151º Rum, our premium sour mix, orange juice, pineapple juice, and a splash of grenadine. Served on the rocks.
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