Some are worried about sequestration, others don't care

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A series of automatic cuts are set to begin Monday, unless Congress does something. The White House released a series of cuts to each state to focus on the severity of the issue.  Locally, however, some department heads are not too worried.

Robert Barham, who is the Secretary of the Department of Health & Hospitals, says his office does get some federal grants, but because the president scared so many people about gun control, his revenue from gun sales will easily offset the five percent sequester losses.

"So they are going to hold back five percent. So, that means we're going to give up half a million dollars. Yes it will impact us, but we'll have more money than last year because of other actions he's done. There's a little irony there," says Barham.

The sequester also means trouble for Operation Head Start. Head start and early head start services would be eliminated for approximately 1,400 children in Louisiana, reducing access to critical early education.

According to a White House press release from Friday, this spells out head start's fate. "We don't know if it's going to be based on our total grant or what," says Paula Merrick-Roddy Director of Human Development and Services. "What you have on your remaining grant. We don't receive all of our money at one time; it comes in throughout the year."

Law enforcement is also getting gutted to the tune of $264,000. District Attorney Hillar Moore says it will not impact the highly acclaimed BRAVE program.

None of these doomsday possibilities will happen overnight.  All of it can be un-done by the Congress and Presidential cooperation.

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