Homeowners say utility company caused flooding

PLATTENVILLE, LA (WAFB) - Residents in Plattenville claim they came home to find their toilets and bathtubs overflowing, their houses flooded with human waste. They said it happened twice in one week.

Piles of carpet, flooring, sheet rock, and personal belongings sit on the curb.

Their garages are filled with the stuff homeowners managed to salvage. Terrence Barbier said this mess had nothing to do with Mother Nature.

"The drain for the air conditioner started overflowing and water was seeping out in the foyer. So the whole house, at different ends, was getting flooded," Barbier said.

Barbier said it was so bad, he and his family left.

But when they returned on Sunday, he told us, it appeared the drains had backed up again.

"I have to replace all the flooring, floorboards, everything in my house, the whole, the entire house has been affected by it," Barbier said.

Barbier had to call in a professional cleaning crew. His neighbor, Spencer Guillot, is going through the same thing.

"It never stopped never slowed down, just continued out of my tub and my drain pipe long my water heater pipe. It was in three different spots where you couldn't control it," Barbier said.

Guillot had to remove flooring and cut sheet rock from his home.

"For the most part we're pretty much throwing away everything," Guillot said.

Residents blame Density Utilities, the company that maintains their sewer system.

Overgrown shrubs and rust have taken over the company's nearby service station. There's a busted manhole nearly a block away.

Residents said it wasn't always that way.

"It just looks like the maintenance isn't being worked like it should according to what we pay for," Barbier said.

The men said Density promised to send an engineer to their neighborhood.

"I called again this (Wednesday) morning and they never contacted me. As far as I know nobody's been out here since then (Friday)," Guillot said.

Meanwhile, residents are worried the time and money they put into making repairs will go to waste if the problem continues.

The owners of Density Utilities said technicians have unclogged the pipes.

We're told an engineer will be sent to the neighborhood on Friday to determine what may have caused the problem.

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