Pointe Coupee man falls victim to tax fraud

POINTE COUPEE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Craig David says he's in a bad place right now. Last week David went to file his Internal Revenue Service 2012 tax return, things went terribly wrong. His return was rejected three times in three days by the IRS.

David's tax preparer told him the IRS emailed back that someone used his Social Security and listed him as a dependent. He called the IRS and spoke to two different people. One man told him the IRS couldn't really do anything at the present time. They also told him if he gets a tax return, it could take between six and eight weeks.

"But I told him that they were punishing me because I deserve my money," said David.

"They have a hotline that you can call," says board certified tax attorney David Gunn. "The IRS has assigned an affidavit for a beleaguered tax payer to use, to be completed and submitted to the IRS. Unfortunately, at this stage, that affidavit can only be submitted by mail or fax."

David says he's now late on his pickup truck payment as a result of the mishap. But he says he will still keep fighting.

A spokesperson for the IRS tells 9News on Tuesday that they do not make comments on specific cases.

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