BRPD releases 2012 crime statistics

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Arthur Reed reacted to the 2012 crime statistics released Wednesday by the Baton Rouge Police Department.

"We all can sit back and say we've seen worse numbers," said Reed.

Reed, who runs a community action group called "Stop the Killing Inc.," has been on both sides of the law in Baton Rouge and says overall, he believes things are still heading in the right direction.

"We would always like to have a complete stop of any crime but for them not to be as high as they could be I think that's a successful story," added Reed.

According to BRPD, major crimes in the city decreased just under four percent in 2012. That includes a large group of crimes from burglary to manslaughter. A closer look however, reveals a slight increase in major crimes against persons such as murders, robberies and rapes.

"We feel like we've had some success in some areas there are many other areas where there's room for improvement but it's an ongoing process," said Lt. Don Kelly of the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Kelly says analyzing crime is a matter of looking at trends and determining whether peaks and lulls in things like murder rates are more than random. Kelly adds that is where crime reduction programs come into play.

"There are number of initiatives that have been implemented and are in the process of being phased into try and address those and of course anytime the media coverage is focused on a problem the community is aware of it and hopefully more involved in helping us try to find ways to combat it," said Kelly.

That is definitely a plan that Reed is on board with, adding that no major changes will take place without major input from the public.

"There's a force out there that's like a lion and so you can't send a pussycat to tame a lion so you have to have someone that is capable, that is going out and making connections and getting the people comfortable with who he is and what they are about to do and then you can get the changes we're looking for," said Reed.

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