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Board alerts prosecutor to potential voter fraud


The Hamilton County Board of Elections has reviewed more than 80 cases of potential voter fraud and shared information on six of those cases with the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office.

Two of those cases are already being investigated by the county prosecutor including an investigation into a nun and a poll worker.

So far no charges have been filed.

Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou wanted to see all of the cases reported to the prosecutor's office leaving the decision whether to investigate further up to that legal team.

Board Member Caleb Faux, however, felt that would send the wrong message.

"If we refer this entire list to the prosecutor's office as a report we leave open the interpretation, potential understanding on the part of the public, that we think there possibly are as many as 80 cases of voter fraud and I know for a fact that none of us one this board believe that," Faux argued.

Only three people subpoenaed showed up to Friday's hearing and none of them were the voters in question.

"That has as much to do with the process of how people are subpoenaed," board member Tim Burke argued.

Burke says they are investigating which subpoenas were delivered directly and which may not have reached the proper address or were delivered to someone other than the person in question.

"I've been around criminal courts a long time and people ought to honor subpoenas and it's very disappointing to me that they don't," Triantafilou said.

One voter who was supposed to show got a lawyer before the hearing. The woman was a poll worker in November's election and the only voter the board knows of who had two votes count in Hamilton County.

"We all took what she did very, very seriously because she really did undermine the confidence of all of us in the voting process," Burke said.

Burke, who also serves as the Chair of the Hamilton County Democratic party, says the woman took advantage of her position as a poll worker.

"On top of that it appears she voted for a number of other voters as well. Perhaps as many as five or six," he said.

That case is now being handled by the prosecutor's office along with the investigation into a nun who allegedly cast the ballot of a fellow Sister of Charity who passed away in October.

"If you look at that one, that's pretty good work here by our team … to constantly look at this list we get of deceased voters and compare them," Triantafilou said.

"Our staff did an excellent job in counting valid votes and in not counting invalid votes," echoed Burke. "After all of this there's absolutely no indication that there was an organized effort by anyone to mess up these election results."

The Hamilton County Board of Elections has asked the prosecutor's office for an opinion on whether it is legal to vote by absentee as well as provisional ballot. Depending on that finding they will decide how to proceed on a few dozen other cases.

In the meantime, the prosecutor's office will continue its own investigation into the cases of potential voter fraud.

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