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City, county leaders apologize for sales tax weekend mishap


Montgomery officials apologize for missing an opportunity to save you money.

They missed the deadline to get in on the tax free weekend all because they forgot it came early this year.

"I'm just sorry, I apologize to our people," says Montgomery Mayor, Todd Strange.

Strange takes full responsibility for missing the cut-off date that would ensure the city participated in the severe weather sales tax free weekend.

"we should have had somebody thinking about it."

He admits the email reminding city leaders of the deadline got lost.

When the city council tried to approve the sales tax free weekend, it was too late.

He asked the state revenue commissioner to make an exception and allow Montgomery to participate, but to no avail.

"The law specifically says it must be in 30 days and she could not make that exception," says Strange.

"We wanted to participate, we meet every other week, we had a three week span because of the holidays and we didn't meet the deadline," says Montgomery County Commissioner Reed Ingram.

Reed Ingram with the Montgomery County Commission says the measure slipped through the cracks with them, too.

It won't next year

"I'm gonna make sure we have it to where it automatically comes up every year," adds Ingram.

One thing is for sure, leaders don't want this to reflect on how they feel about storm preparation.

"We certainly want to encourage that, and it's just regretful that we didn't have a mechanism in place to remind us that we needed to take additional action," adds Strange.

Mayor Strange says the city council passed a resolution that ensures the sales tax holiday is observed each year after.

It is important to note, shoppers will still save the 4% state sales tax they pay on each purchase.

To see if your city or county is participating, go the weather page and click on the Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday icon.

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