Leaders With a Vision discuss Louisiana tax reform

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - State leaders had an open discussion Thursday about restructuring Louisiana's tax base. The group met during a lunch hosted by a new group called Leaders With a Vision.

The Department of Revenue wants to simplify Louisiana's tax structure to make the state more attractive to small business owners.

The agency wants to eliminate individual state income tax and increase the sales tax revenue.

Some are concerned that's just shifting the burden elsewhere.

"You still have the very complex rates and then you get into the calculations of exemptions and the rate and then you realize people will have a very low burden and we just don't feel that it's necessary to put individuals, small biz entrepreneurs or corporations through that exercise," said Jason Decuir with the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

State Representative John Edwards (R ) says "Every time you go to the store you're going to get a receipt that shows you just paid 12 percent or more in sales taxes."

The State Revenue Department says the tax increase would not be tacked on to food and prescription drugs.

Lawmakers will consider a bill on Louisiana tax reform in the upcoming legislative session.

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