Former police chief appeals termination

Former Police Chief Dewayne White and his attorney Jill Craft
Former Police Chief Dewayne White and his attorney Jill Craft

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Former Baton Rouge Police Chief Dewayne White filed an appeal to the Civil Service Board Thursday asking for an "expedited hearing" regarding his termination.

The appeal claims that White's firing by Mayor Kip Holden was unlawful and that city leaders failed to follow multiple policies, procedures, and laws in carrying out the termination.

An attorney for the mayor, Murphy Foster, said the appeal is "factually inaccurate and misstates the law".  "Yes, the city will respond at a civil service hearing and set the record straight," Foster said.

Attorney Jill Craft, who represents White, says the appeal "is factually and legally correct".

In the appeal, White says that he should be considered a "classified civil servant" who "cannot be removed from his position without due process of the laws and for good and just cause expressed in writing."

White alleges his termination was partly based on various complaints from members of the Baton Rouge Police Union. His appeal claims that the mayor's office failed to notify him of any investigation of those complaints within 14 days, as required by law, and "failed to complete any such investigation with 60 days."

As of 5:45pm Thursday, no date had been set for the appeal to be heard before the Civil Service Board.

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